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In the dynamic realm of industrial and laboratory environments, the significance of ergonomic seating cannot be overstated. Bimos, a leading innovator in this field, has been at the forefront of providing cutting-edge seating solutions tailored to the unique demands of these workspaces. As a brand under the umbrella of Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG, Bimos exemplifies a commitment to excellence, combining more than five decades of expertise with a dedication to enhancing productivity, health, and motivation for individuals in these specialized settings.

Bimos operates under the ethos of delivering not just products but comprehensive solutions. The companys close collaboration with users in the field and experts in occupational science positions it uniquely to swiftly develop innovations that precisely address the specific needs of industrial and laboratory environments. This commitment to understanding the intricacies of diverse workplaces has made Bimos a frontrunner in the industry.

Operating as a brand of Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG, Bimos is part of a family-run company firmly rooted in its responsibility to people, the environment, and the region. With a workforce of over 650 employees, all Bimos products are crafted exclusively in Germany, adhering to the principles of German Engineering. This commitment to quality and sustainability extends to the United States, where Bimos has a division based in Chicago, IL, led by Mark Scelfo, the US Managing Director.

“We are the leading manufacturer of the best chairs for industry and the laboratory,” said Scelfo. “Our expert knowledge, technical skills, and passion have ensured that for more than 50 years we have been providing the seating that enables people to enjoy working productively and healthily in every possible workplace.” He added that everything the company does it does with passion, and that Bimos doesn’t think in terms of product, but in terms of solutions. As a result, it achieves maximum benefits for each of its customers with its high-performing chairs.

This ties into the company’s mission, which is to make life in the workplace better every day. Thanks to task-specific ergonomics in industry and the laboratory, outstanding design that motivates staff and provides them with feelings of value, and active assumption of social and ecological responsibility in the development of its chairs, Bimos is able to exceed its goal of providing chairs that truly help customers.

Bimos prides itself on possessing unparalleled knowledge about seating and the practical requirements of diverse workplaces. This knowledge, combined with expert advice and unwavering commitment, allows the company to create optimal solutions for customers. Bimoss reliability is evident in its uncompromising approach to rapid reaction times, ensuring that customers receive top-notch support in advice, training, sampling, delivery, and after-sales assistance.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Behind the robust design of a Bimos work chair is the full innovative strength of the leading manufacturer of seating solutions for professional use. Together with occupational physicians and researchers, the company develops top products for every field of application that are fully adapted to the requirements of the respective workstation – whether it is a lab chair or an ergonomic seat for production.

The company’s most popular line is its laboratory chairs.Laboratories demand a level of precision and cleanliness that surpasses many other work environments. Bimos’s laboratory chairs are designed to meet these stringent requirements while providing the hygienic, flexible and compact comfort most needed. Laboratory chairs from Bimos not only adapt to the postures typically found in this area, i.e. the forward-leaning position at the microscope, but they also are functional andcontribute to the overall aesthetics of the laboratory environment. Additionally, they can be easily adjusted, taking into account different protection levels and the comfort preferences of employees. These are seating solutions that ideally adapt to the special challenges faced by laboratory workers.

Science + Technology Seating is a smart investment from a workplace and employee performance standpoint,” Scelfo said. “When you consider scientists and engineers have been provided secondclass seating solutions for decades, there is a huge opportunity and need for companies to spend dollars wisely in product that directly impacts the workers daily experience, which translates into really favorable contributions to recruiting, retaining, reward, recognition, and support health and safety.  The workplace reflects the culture more than ever and every tool a company can use to make the work experience more positive for their employees is of high value.

The lab chairs also offer important benefits:

• Hygienic Design and Laboratory Ergonomics: Cleanliness is the basic requirement for safe, high-quality work carried out in the laboratory. Whether from dust, dirt, or invisible pollutants – contamination can influence, falsify, and destroy investigative results. Because of this, the company’s laboratory chairs have their own hygienic design. Not only can they be washed, disinfected and withstand all commonly used cleaning agents, but they also have a seamless design. There are no cracks or gaps in which residue can gather. And when it comes to ergonomic quality and user comfort, its laboratory chairs have set the bar high.

• Simple, Compact and Design-Oriented: Adjusting the laboratory chairs from Bimos to suit personal requirements and working situation is self-explanatory. After all, maximum flexibility only makes sense when it is actually put into use. The compact and sturdy design of the laboratory chairs saves on valuable space in the laboratory, while also reducing the risk of damage caused by heavy use and a regular change of users.

BIMOS offers a comprehensive range of laboratory chairs for many different requirements. Depending on which protection level the laboratory belongs to, there are different characteristics that are crucial for laboratory chairs. Scelfo said that it is important that employees regard the laboratory chairs as comfortable and perceive them as an enhancement. At some workplaces, stools without backrests are more helpful to be as agile as possible, while at other places, employees appreciate laboratory chairs with rests that gently support the back. Regardless of the place of use and the comfort of the laboratory chair, employee health should be considered.

In addition to laboratory chairs, the company provides chairs for other environments:

Work Chairs in Production: Maximum Freedom, Optimum Ergonomics

Production environments pose unique challenges, and Bimoss work chairs for production workstations are crafted to address these challenges. These chairs combine maximum freedom of movement with optimum ergonomics, flexibility, and resilience. The anatomic shape of the seat and backrest, easily replaceable upholstery, and materials resistant to grease, sparks, and splinters make Bimoss work chairs the idealseating solution for production settings.

ESD Chairs: Comprehensive Protection for Electronic Workstations

In electronic workstations, electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause substantial damage to microelectronic components. The company’s ESD-compliant work chairs provide comprehensive protection by preventing the charging of objects and people. These chairs incorporate conductive comfort upholstery, conductively coated steel parts, volume conductive plastic, and more, ensuring a reliable overall system. Meeting both industry standards and practical everyday demands, these chairs are a testament to Bimoss commitment to excellence.

Cleanroom Chairs: Premium Seating Solutions for Sterile Environments

Industries such as microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, optics, and medical technology require contamination-free environments. The company’s cleanroom chairs are developed in collaboration with industry and research representatives to meet the highest standards of sterility. With sealed upholstery, back-foaming technology, enclosed mechanisms, and electrostatically conductive materials, these chairs offer premium properties tailored to the demands of everyday use in cleanrooms.

Standing Work and Standing Aids: Supporting Health and Productivity

Recognizing that nearly half of employees need to stand for extended periods, Bimos extends its product range to include high-performance standing aids. These aids provide physical relief without imposing a specific position or hindering work. From simple support for a brief rest to more flexible solutions for prolonged standing, the company’s standing aids are compact, portable, and designed to enhance the well-being of individuals in various work environments.

Bimos stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the realm of seating solutions for industrial and laboratory environments. With a rich history, a commitment to customer satisfaction, and a diverse product portfolio tailored to specific workplace needs, Bimos continues to redefine the standards of ergonomic seating. Scelfo concluded, “As industries evolve and workplaces become more specialized, we remain at the forefront, ensuring that individuals across various sectors can enjoy working productively, healthily, and comfortably every day.

For more information about Bimos Lab Seating, contact Mark Scelfo, US Managing Director, at 1235 N. Clybourn #349, Chicago, IL 60610; 630-725-8284; E-mail:; Web site:,