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Q Source is proud to offer cleanroom supplies and contamination control products from Berkshire Corporation. Berkshire strives to be the global leader in developing and manufacturing products for critical surfaces and controlled environments. Its products deliver superior performance, consistent quality, enhanced productivity, and the lowest total cost in use. Thecompany measures its success in terms of customer satisfaction by following its core values including honesty, integrity, and a commitment to fostering customer loyalty through innovation and improvement.

Berkshire Corporation, headquartered in Great Barrington, MA, has been a pioneer in manufacturing cleanroom and contamination control solutions since the mid-1960s. Itsextensive range of products includes mops & sponges, glove liners, facemasks, ESD-safe office supplies, swabs, and wipes. The company caters to various industries such as Aerospace & Defense, Automotive, Life Sciences andMicroelectronics in which the most stringent environmental controls are required.

By partnering with Berkshire Corporation, Q Source aims to offer its customers a vast selection of high-performance cleanroom supplies to meet the stringent requirements of these environments. This partnership enables Q Source to enhance its product offerings and better serve the evolving needs of industries requiring contamination control solutions.

Q Sources extensive distribution network combined with Berkshires industry-leading products ensures streamlined access to essential cleanroom supplies.

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Q Source specializes in crafting custom solutions for the Bio-Medical, Electronic, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industries. For 40 years the team at Q Source has prided itself on superior customer satisfaction by delivering the right products that match the specs for any high-end solutions. Best Value Better Service at Q Source. To learn more, visit