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Pegmatis, a design and development company with a seasoned team of hardware, software and manufacturing specialists, is excited to announce that it has been chosen by ATOM EFV as its product development partner. Under the partnership, Pegmatis will commercialize ATOM EFV’s flagship health and wellness product.

ATOM EFV has a unique non-invasive rehabilitation technology utilizing a patented electro-stimulation technology to alleviate chronic and acute pain. Founder, Michael Montoya, says about thePegmatis team: “Working with Pegmatis has been an incredible experience so far. Far more than an engineering service provider, Pegmatis is an innovative and professional development partner – and they deliver! They are helping us take our research and development prototype and turn it into a futuristic electroceutical technology.

Montoya continued: “The Pegmatis team is the best partner with whom we have worked. Every conversation with any member provided value far beyond my expectations – it is evident that they genuinely look out for the client and provide sound advice. When you choose Pegmatis, you build a relationship with a partner.

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About Pegmatis

Pegmatis began as a Fortune 500 company’s elite design center working with their top-tier customers from design ideation, cost-driven design architecture up to launching scores of high-volume products into the market. Chances are you have used or worked with a product that we have designed. We have developed high-tech products from smartphones and connected streaming devices to ultra-high-end audio and medical products. As of 2016, Pegmatis has been operating under its own banner and has continued to provide high-fidelity design and manufacturing services to customers, leveraging our network for mass production. Same Dream Team, but add an elite software team, and you have Pegmatis. Truly a complete end-to-end design partner in hardware, software, or both.