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Headquartered in Boston, CreationTechnologies was founded in 1991 to help OEMs succeed in providing responsive, cost-effective and customized solutions to their customers in a changing and demanding technology landscape. Over the past three decades, the company has worked hard to provide long-term, intimate partnerships with its customers. According to Todd Baggett, Chief Commercial Officer, “Our goal is to make them successful, and we will deliver resources across our global team to make that happen.

Creation provides total product lifecycle solutions including turnkey design, rapid prototyping, manufacturing and fulfillment to its customers around the world. Since it was founded more than 30 years ago, Creation has been focused on helping OEMs provide the best solutions for theircustomers. The company has a team of approximately 4,000people across 14 manufacturing locations, two design centers and a rapid prototyping center in the United States, Canada, Mexico and China.

The company has built a successful reputation over the years by developing – and following – core values that define and drive the company today. Creation is prepared, bold and entrepreneurial. Additionally, it strives to be its customers’ most trusted partner and to create products and solutions that exceed customers’ quality and performance expectations in a constantly changing environment, enriching millions of lives and making the world a better place. It also works hard to provide and nurture powerful, proactive long-term relationships with customers within the framework of a caring company culture.

With integrated EMS solutions located around the world, Creation Technologies helps OEMs succeed by providing expert design, manufacturing, supply chain, order fulfillment and aftermarket solutions. It is committed to delivering the best total solutions to customers, the first time, every time.The company’s OEM customers are in the aerospace & defense, medical and tech industrials markets.

Aerospace & Defense: Creation provides trust, visibility and reliability throughout the entire product lifecycle, resulting in uncompromising quality and dependability for aerospace, defense and security OEM customers. This includes added manufacturing, expanded diagnostic testing, and sophisticated failure/reliability analysis. As domestic and foreign unrest continue to increase, OEMs in this marketspace must manage the accelerated pace of technological advancement, rising competition, geopolitical uncertainty, and flux in security budgets and priorities. Ever-evolving regulation (and deregulation), industry consolidation and globalization only make these challenges more complex.

In these conditions, successful aerospace, defense and security OEMs seek to optimize their supply chains, leverage their outsourcing partners to extend product lifecycles, and streamline processes to maximize profitability. As their partner, Creation Technology helps them meet these challenges.

Medical: The company provides traceability, risk management and a responsive supply chain as well as enhanced design, development, manufacturing, and inspection for innovative, advanced manufacturing Class I, II and III medical devices, biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other FDA-compliant life sciences solutions. With the global mandate to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and wirelessly connected, medical and life sciences OEMs look Creation more than ever to co-create revolutionary advancements in technology that lower costs and improve outcomes — all without compromising quality and traceability.As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to drive astounding breakthroughs in healthcare, patients are becoming more mobile, aware and self-sufficient in their care, while professionals enjoy easier access to data. Baggett said, “Creation delivers proactive design and manufacturing innovation across these healthcare fronts, and more, all while meeting stringent regulatory requirements for ensuring product accuracy and patient safety.

Tech Industrials: Creation provides extended engineering and enhanced manufacturing to differentiate tech industrial solutions for IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) learning.These industrials include the following:

Industrial controls/instrumentation: When it comes to the monitoring, measurement and control of such industrial process variables as temperature, pressure, flow, level, electrical and mechanical actuation in today’s high-performance industrial systems and devices, accuracy, analysis, and automation are key. Human-machine interfaces (HMI) need to be efficient and effective. Creation delivers on all fronts. Automated control systems that help manage industrial processes require a high degree of accuracy and safety. The more accurate, reliable and repeatable the functionality, the more dependable the results, in many cases eliminating human error. And since high-precision equipment plays such a critical role in safeguarding against catastrophic failure of equipment, Creation offers best-in-class manufacturing solutions for industrial controls and instrumentation to serve OEMs across a variety of industries and markets. 

Communications/wireless: With device-to-device communications at the center of so many emerging technologies today, lucrative markets are sprouting everywhere for communications and wireless OEMs. To capitalize on such exponential opportunity, companies must overcome many challenges, including new regulations, modernizing traditional mindsets and paradigms, and correcting inefficiencies in complex systems architecture and integration. Creation helps customers increase ROI and brand value by expanding regulatory expertise in unfamiliar sectors, while optimizing day-to-day operations.

Computing/media: Cloud computing, communications, data storage and management, artificial intelligence (AI) platforms, IoT, M2M networks — the advancement and steady convergence of these environments has changed the business landscape for OEMs. As 4G networks move into 5G, and beyond, so too must the infrastructure, devices and technologies upon which they operate. Leading OEMs in computing, networking and media are leaning more than ever on their design and manufacturing partners to help drive down costs, increase performance and reduce waste at all points in the lifecycle for these ever-advancing products. Creation Technologies remains a proven resource — equipped, efficient and evolved.

Transportation: There is constant global pressure on transportation OEMs to make transportation fleets and networks increasingly safer and more efficient. At the same time, advancements in device-to-device communications and mobile technology are driving the introduction of revolutionary products and services. In this highly competitive mobile environment, Creation produces transportation infrastructure and devices that deepen relationships with strategic outsourcing partners — enabling the development of flexible, breakthrough solutions to keep end-users and the public safe.

Environmental: Whether building ruggedized, low- to midvolume equipment for the oil & gas sector, or high-volume, cutting-edge technology in the LED lighting market, leading OEMs in energy and environmental need to providecustomers with sustainable solutions in a world with limited resources, without sacrificing the reliability and flexibility they’ve come to expect from. With product lifecycles shortening daily and regulatory considerations increasing in complexity, Creation helps energy and environmental customers innovate and move quickly to market, while ensuring that their products work reliably in all conditions.

Creation also strives to provide real solutions to its customerschallenges, using its significant expertise to help customersachieve their business goals and satisfy their needs as they change over time. Creation offers electronics solutions that work seamlessly and successfully to mitigate risk throughout the product lifecycle. These solutions include product development and engineering, new product introduction (NPI), test development services, a proactive supply chain, manufacturing, fulfillment and logistics, and after-market services.

Product development and engineering: For more than three decades, Creation has provided excellence in end-to-end product design and development. Customers use its design services as an alternative or supplement to vertical integration. Additionally, they can outsource specific development processes or entire projects to Creation’s team, which can handle evolving regulations and deploy new technologies, even in the most highly regulated markets. As a result, customers can increase agility and cashflow, design and develop on their terms and timetable, and free up capital for other business priorities

NPI: Creation is reinventing the NPI process with LEAP (Launch to Excellence to Advanced Production), a Global Stage Gate process that covers all aspects of the product lifecycle from new designs to product transfers. Creation Design Services delivers a better end product as customers achieve their vision quickly with the company’s singular technology, supply chain and manufacturing expertise. This results in numerous benefits including design with a manufacturing mindset; product documentation development to help fulfill quality and regulatory requirements; DFX services with detailed feedback and reporting that improveproducts’ manufacturability, quality and performance; supply chain design and component selection for maximum speed and cost-effectiveness, without sacrificing quality; and quick turns to ensure continuity of supply.

Test development services: Creation has advanced mechanical and electrical test and inspection capabilities for complex integrated systems as well as circuit board assemblies. At any phase in the design and development process, or as part of its electronics manufacturing services, test engineering teams work with customers to develop test strategies and select test methods that reduce inventory bonepiles, increase yields and accelerate time-to-volume for every product Creation builds.

Proactive supply chain: The company provides 24/7 monitoringaccess into its customers’ supply chain end-to-end. This results in a range of benefits including complete visibility of material availability, cost implications and risk; insight into what’s working and what needs more work; and informed supply chain decisions that will benefit its customers’ business.

Manufacturing: Customers can leverage the company’s investment in technology and talent to compete with larger competitors or consult with Creation’s teammates about rationalizing their manufacturing strategy and reducing capital investment. Creation’s global manufacturing facilities  have the infrastructure and expertise to help. “At Creation, we believe that successful manufacturing, integration and test for electronic products depends on a combination of high-quality standards, technology and market expertise, industry best-practices, and optimizing products for volume production,” added Baggett. “Plus, Creation’s crossfunctional customer-focused teams take ownership of the end-to-end manufacturing process for each of its customers’ products, allowing them to focus on product innovation and market development.

Fulfillment and logistics: Creation understands that scalable supply chain solutions depend on visibility, communication and integration of the value chain throughout a product’s lifecycle, as well as exceptional program management. Creation possesses decades of expertise working with customers in tailoring solutions for highly configurable and complex products that have significant demand variability. The same supply solutions that improve performance for customers also improve inventory turns, cycle times and logistics. With Creation’s integrated model, which is fully optimized from concept to aftermarket, users get the satisfaction of knowing that they are reducing costs while gaining the efficiency and speed needed to keep and sharpen their edge.

Aftermarket services: Creation’s aftermarket services are not only customized to users’ unique needs, and those of theircustomers, but also backed by the singular resources that come from having a true product design-through-end-of-life EMS solution. The company has expertise in creating flexible pricing models and customized service agreements across various sectors and industries. The advantages these solutions bring are essential for offering aftermarket services that make sense as part of the overall outsourcing strategy. As an additional benefit, Creation’s repair centers can be chosen from any of the company’s manufacturing facilities. Its regional business unit model means that any one of its manufacturing facilities around the world has the infrastructure and expertise to support any aftermarket services requirement.

Creation places customers and their needs first. Period. Doing so has given the company a reputation for quality, flexibility and innovation. “The products and solutions we create with our customers make the world more connected and more enjoyable — healthier, safer and simpler to live in,” concluded Baggett. 

For more information about Creation Technologies, contact the company at One Beacon Street, 23rd Floor, Boston, MA02108; 877-734-7456; E-mail:; Web site: