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GE Healthcare (NYSE:GE) announced today that it released its next-generation Definium 656 HD X-ray system.

The Definium 656 HD X-ray system [Image from GE Healthcare]

Chicago-based GE Healthcare’s latest generation of its overhead tube suspension (OTS) system leads its portfolio of fixed X-ray products as the most advanced fixed system yet, according to a news release.

The medtech giant appears to be on a roll when it comes to next-gen product launches. It recently unveiled its next-generation Voluson Expert 22 ultrasound system for women’s health.

The company designed the next-gen X-ray platform to deliver consistent, highly automated, efficient exams that provide clinical confidence and a simplified workflow to improve consistency and reduce errors, keeping radiology departments running smoothly.

Definium 656 HD includes GE Healthcare’s Intelligent Workflow Suite and is powered by GE’s FlashPad HD high-resolution detectors and the latest Helix 2.2 advanced image processing software. The company said it combines high levels of motorization, automation, assistive intelligence and advanced applications to provide the fastest movement and highest weight capacity in GE Healthcare’s fixed X-ray portfolio.

The company describes the system as “like a personal assistant” that helps technologists deliver efficient imaging exams while reducing patient positioning time, physical workload, errors and image re-takes.

Its features include five-axis motorization and auto-positioning to speed up the positioning process and automated in-room workflows with a 12″ touchscreen on the tube head console and AutoRad software for manual or automatic workflow control. The Intelligent Workflow Suite uses 3D camera technology to produce more consistent images.

Definium 656 HD also features high-quality detectors, advanced applications and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven image processing.

“We are elated to introduce the next-generation Definium 656 HD x-ray system,” said Tanya Lancaster, GE Healthcare GM for fixed X-ray. “This new offering enables healthcare providers to benefit from the highest levels of motorization, automation, assistive intelligence, and advanced applications offered to date in GE Healthcare’s fixed X-ray portfolio. Not only does this system provide optimal image quality, but it can also reduce the physical workload for technologists and streamline the overall exam workflow.”