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Medline announced it is supplying Visby Medical Sexual Health Click handheld PCR test to healthcare organizations.

The point-of-care device for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is an all-in-one unit that is FDA cleared to provide a diagnosis in under 30 minutes. The company will provide the tests to urgent care centers, student health centers, women’s health facilities and community health centers.

Visby’s PCR test allows clinicians to discuss results and prescribe personalized treatment during patient visits to eliminate the need for presumptive treatment.

“Our partnership with Visby demonstrates our commitment to bringing leading-edge medical innovations to the point of care that revolutionize patient care,” said Doug Sharpe, VP of Lab Capital at Medline. “Winning several awards for design innovation and excellence, the Visby device is the first PCR test of its kind and gives clinicians a tool to help improve patient outcomes.”

The Visby device has exhibited approximately 97% accuracy or greater for the detection of chlamydia, gonorrhea and trichomonas, which are the three most common pathogens that foster contagion and permanently damage a woman’s reproductive system if left untreated, according to Medline.

“Visby’s development of the world’s first instrument-free handheld PCR platform to accurately and rapidly test for a variety of serious infections is changing how healthcare is delivered, especially in urgent care and women’s health settings,” Visby Medical Founder and CEO Adam de la Zerda said in a news release. “Our partnership with Medline will help our innovative testing technology reach clinicians quickly, helping us improve STI containment, prevention, and treatment.”