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Absolute EMS, Inc., an award-winning EMS provider of turnkey contract manufacturing services, reaffirms its dedication to continuous improvement by investing in the training of its touchup, quality control, and final quality assurance operators to J-STD-001 Class 3 standards. The comprehensive onsite training, conducted over a span of five days, demonstrates Absolute EMS ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional contract manufacturing services.

J-STD-001, developed by the IPC (Association Connecting Electronics Industries), is a widely recognized industry standard for soldering and assembly of electronic components. The training equips operators with the knowledge and skills required to perform soldering and assembly processes to the highest quality standards, ensuring reliable and consistent results across manufacturing operations.

The training agenda encompassed a comprehensive range of topics, including proper soldering techniques, understanding various solder alloys, component identification, inspection criteria, and quality assurance practices. The rigorous curriculum was meticulously designed to empower operators with the proficiency to meet the stringent requirements of J-STD-001 and deliver products that surpass industry expectations.

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of J-STD-001 training for our touchup, QC, and final QA operators, stated Ray Amirkiai, Quality Manager at Absolute EMS. This achievement reflects our unwavering dedication to providing our customers with products of the highest quality and reliability.

The training was facilitated by Circuit Technology Inc., a renowned provider of electronics assembly training solutions. The collaboration with such a respected industry partner ensures that Absolute EMS operators receive the latest knowledge and insights in electronics manufacturing practices.

Certified to ISO13485:2016, AS9100 Rev D, ISO 9001:2015 and J-STD-001 Class 3 standards, including the Space Addendum, Absolute EMS sets the bar high in terms of precision and reliability. With the additional distinction of being UL Registered and operating under NAICS code 334418, Absolute EMS establishes itself as a trusted partner across diverse sectors.

Absolute EMS continues to set new standards in electronics manufacturing by embracing opportunities for improvement and nurturing a skilled and knowledgeable workforce. This commitment enables the company to provide clients with high-quality, reliable, and innovative solutions that meet and exceed industry expectations.

Absolute EMS is a leader in end-to-end electronic manufacturing services solutions that help its customers rapidly introduce innovative new technology by facilitating speed-to-market in their marketplace. Based in Silicon Valley, the company provides world-class Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA).

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About Absolute EMS

Absolute EMS, located in the heart of Silicon Valley, offers award-winning manufacturing services in a state-of-the-art, high-technology EMS facility. The company won Global Technology Awards in 2020 and 2021 for its manufacturing services, and was awarded ‘Most Improved Smart Factory’ by the Global Technology Awards in 2021. Founded in 1996, Absolute EMS originally serviced the medical industry, thus their focus on controlled manufacturing that is scalable and repeatable. The Absolute EMS focused verticals are Medical, Military, Industrial, Networking, and Engineering. Learn more by visiting