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Nordson DAGE, a division of the Nordson Corporation (Nasdaq: NDSN), announces the launch of its new Prospector™ Micro Materials Tester. The flagship system has the most advanced mechanical testing technology in the DAGE product line, giving it new levels of test flexibility. Its capabilities cover the widest range of test scenarios for micro-components and devices. Developed by Nordson DAGE’s in-house R&D team, Prospector™ enables the full characterization of any device by combining mechanical testing with four other complementary test months – Electrical, Thermal, Acoustic and Optical. These unique combinations give researchers and new product development engineers the ability to test across a wide range of micro applications including coatings and thin films, medical devices, micro-electronics, composites, plastics and fibres.

As quality expectations grow and components continue to get smaller, new product development researchers must be equipped with the most advanced test technology. Prospector™ allows operators to gain unique failure mode insights by using just one dedicated machine. This is made possible by the introduction of a range of new applications, including hardness and scratch testing. Prospector™ is built on the strong heritage of accurate testing Nordson DAGE developed for the Bondtesting industry, it is even capable of using the same test modules from other DAGE Bondtesters. For customers with multiple Bondtesters in their production line, Prospector™ is the perfect partner for pre-production R&D colleagues and is a cost-effective method of improving the efficiency of their ‘new product introduction’ testing.

Prospector™ uses a new generation of Paragon™ materials analytical software to control every aspect of the test allowing operators to perform a wide range of test types with minimal training.

Dr. Conor McCarthy, Product Manager for Bond Test and Materials Test, said, “After years of receiving strong feedback from our customers that they need more flexibility, we decided to build a dedicated micro-tester. On top of that, we have tried to exceed their expectations by adding unique features such as acoustic and thermal testing capabilities. It is an exciting time for Nordson DAGE, and we are looking forward to engaging with our customers to build on the already positive feedback.”