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iXensor, the Taiwanese digital health company, has launched the PixoHealth Pass Admin App & Web Portal, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution designed to enable mass testing and risk management as Europe embraces the new normal in the resurgence of the Covid-19 infections.

The drive to lift restrictions on businesses and society, resume public events, kick-start international travel and help students return to in-person education is well underway throughout Europe and the US. In order to minimize the associated risks and, in particular, identify local outbreaks of infection and the emergence of new variants, the ability to test at pace and scale has never been more urgent.

“As a mobile health pioneer, we are constantly developing innovative ways to make digital access to healthcare provision and monitoring as customer-centric as possible,” said Dr. MD. Peter Fitzgerald, Chairman at iXensor. “The PixoHealth Pass Admin App & Web Portal provides a new integrated framework for rapid antigen testing, streamlining the entire process and helping to identify and limit Covid-19 outbreaks quickly and cost-effectively.”

Decentralized, analyzer-based screening in demand

Rapid antigen testing has been a key weapon in Europe’s Covid-19 response, helping to alleviate dependence on more time-consuming and costly lab-based PCR tests. Throughout this spring and summer, it has played a prominent role at a number of event research programs and experimental sporting events, as governments and public health bodies build strategies for allowing mass attendance while preventing and managing Covid-19 outbreaks.

At the same time, the resumption of cross-border tourism has increased demand for rapid testing, with countries requiring either proof of vaccination or a negative test result as a condition of entry. Testing facilities are now looking for more integrated tools to making the testing procedure as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Secure, seamless rapid screening

The PixoHealth Pass Admin App & Web Portal provides a secure, end-to-end workflow for the whole screening process, fully compliant with GDPR and HIPAA requirements. It allows the vaccination or testing status of the individual to be verified with a simple QR code scan, without the need for any new hardware investment or IT infrastructure.

The platform is highly configurable, so the testing facility or organization can define relevant safety management rules, set the required period of Covid-19 test results and screen the status of test recipients easily.

The testing facility administrator sets up user accounts and defines screening rules for safety management. They can then begin mass rapid antigen testing, using iXensor‘s PixoTest® POCT Analyzer, which processes the test and delivers the result in around 15 minutes, displaying it with a QR code on the test recipient’s mobile-based PixoHealth Pass.

The gatekeeper can then scan the QR code so that the data is validated by the PixoHealth Pass Admin and captured for sharing with appropriate parties, by consent.

As a SaaS solution, the PixoHealth Pass Admin App & Web Portal can be scaled to suit environments of any size, making it suitable for businesses and educational institutions, reception facilities at large venues and public events, and mass transit hubs such as airports.