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Integration with Itamar-Medical’s WatchPAT™ ONE fully disposable home study device enables contactless sleep diagnostic testing, remote OSA diagnosis and retrieval of study results via the cloud.

Somnoware, the leader in digital sleep and respiratory health management, announces the integration of the WatchPAT™ ONE device with its Sleep Device Interface (SDI). Somnoware SDI is an integration plugin that provides a manufacturer independent, browser-based interface for diagnostic device operations.

Somnoware users can now facilitate home sleep testing remotely and without any patient contact with the new WatchPAT ONE integration. Clinical documents, questionnaires, medical history forms, and surveys are administered electronically and accessible to patients via Somnoware’s portal, augmenting front office efficiency. Sleep centers can initialize and track shipments of WatchPAT™ ONE devices with a single click within the platform. Once the patient completes the overnight study their results will be wirelessly uploaded via the cloud where healthcare providers can review raw data, generate, and e-Sign the interpretation report. Using an HL7 interface between Somnoware and any EMR system, final interpretation reports can be directly mapped to the patient chart eliminating manual uploads and fragmented data across applications. Diagnostic data, therapy data, and behavioral data are combined with relevant data from the EMR all in one place to give providers a holistic view of their patient population. Overall, this new integration provides improved patient safety, a no-contact home testing model, and expedited diagnosis of OSA.

“We are thrilled to announce this latest integration with Itamar-Medical. The WatchPAT™ ONE device allows our customers to continue to diagnose OSA patients while also providing their physicians with the same streamlined interpretation experience that they are accustomed to with Somnoware,” said Subath Kamalasan, CEO of Somnoware Healthcare Systems, Inc. “By unifying the diagnostic workflow for all physicians and sleep studies within the Somnoware platform we are also addressing the monumental cost and negative impact on patient care associated with a lack of interoperability in healthcare.”

“I am happy to see that Somnoware, a leading sleep practice integration platform, integrated the innovative WatchPAT® ONE as part of tradition of close collaboration.” Said Gilad Glick, CEO and president of Itamar-Medical.


About Itamar Medical Ltd.

Itamar Medical is a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of non-invasive medical devices and solutions to aid in the diagnosis of respiratory sleep disorders. Itamar Medical commercializes a digital healthcare platform to facilitate the continuum of care for effective sleep apnea management with a focus on the core sleep, cardiology and direct to consumer markets. Itamar Medical offers a Total Sleep Solution to help physicians provide comprehensive sleep apnea management in a variety of clinical environments to optimize patient care and reduce healthcare system costs. The Company’s key product, WatchPAT™, is commercially available within major markets including the US, Japan, and Europe. Itamar Medical is a public company traded on the Nasdaq and on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchanges, and is based in Caesarea, Israel with US Headquarters based in Atlanta, GA. For additional information visit