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By Elizabeth Leed

Founded in 1997, South-Tek Systems is the industry’s leading nitrogen generation manufacturer. Offering both standard product lines and engineered-to-order generation solutions, South-Tek delivers best-in-class nitrogen generators for worldwide distribution. “To provide high-quality and cost-effective nitrogen generators, our team takes the time to understand each particular application process and its nitrogen requirements,” states Greg Pope, Fabrication Market Manager. “This allows us to deliver a perfectly tailored solution engineered to produce the exact nitrogen purity and flow-rate that a customer’s application requires.”

South-Tek manufactures nitrogen generator systems for anything from fire sprinkler systems and laboratory instrumentation to large scale industrial manufacturers and fabrication plants. “Not only are our state-of-the-art generators the most reliable in-house, on-demand nitrogen solution, but we take pride in providing the best customer support and user experience in the industry,” commented Pope. South-Tek supplies specialized nitrogen solutions for 30-plus industries including electronics, heat-treating, food/beverage, chemical, 3D printing, automotive, coffee, breweries/wineries, medical packaging, pharmaceutical, water treatment, laser cutting, the U.S. military and more.

 The company’s in-house engineering and production teams work hand-in-hand with its representatives and distributors to understand each application process and the customer’s requirements, ensuring the ultimate user experience. Because of this dedication to customers and their applications, South-Tek has become one of the largest manufacturers of nitrogen generation equipment with more than 12,000 systems installed in the United States and abroad. These installations range from small start-up research laboratories and local industrial equipment shops to a full listing of Fortune 500 industrial plant sites, many of which have chosen South-Tek as their worldwide partner for nitrogen generation. Small or large, South-Tek’s generators are designed for easy integration into any facility.

South-Tek’s products offer a variety of nitrogen output – ranging from a few liters of nitrogen per minute for tabletop laboratory applications, to systems capable of supplying full-facility needs. Single or multiple units in tandem meet the demands of industrial plants with the largest nitrogen consumption. South-Tek’s industrial systems are engineered-to-order with a single nitrogen generator offering flow-rates ranging from 50 scfh to over 40,000 scfh and N2 purity from 95% up to 99.999%. The precise level of N2 purity is accomplished using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) filtration technology coupled with a dual-bed design. Considered the gold standard of industrial nitrogen generation, this powerful combo reliably delivers the exact nitrogen purity an application requires with maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance. 

South-Tek’s nitrogen generation systems allow customers to generate nitrogen gas at their own facilities for a fraction of the cost vs. endlessly paying for bulk liquid or delivered gas cylinders and or dewers. When comparing the cost of generating nitrogen to buying liquid N2 in bulk, South-Tek’s clients on average realize 50-90% savings. For example, the current average price of purchasing liquid bulk is $1.00 per CCF, while the cost of generating your own with a South-Tek Systems’ generator is ~10 cents per CCF. South-Tek’s nitrogen generators provide a fast, favorable ROI.

With a commitment to ongoing research and development, South-Tek has created patented and patent-pending technology that maximizes the longevity and efficiency of nitrogen generation systems. Additional technologies include electronic controller packages, flow verification, purity/flow data collection, performance verification and leak detection.

  • Electronic Controller Packages with Smart-Trak: Every nitrogen generator comes standard with a full color 3.5″ integrated PLC/HMI touch screen controller. The easy-to-use controller interface includes filter replacement reminders, incoming air pressure, nitrogen gas storage tank pressure, visual valve sequencing, visual cycle stage, on/off toggle switch, visual standby notice, analog output, tank purity and trend graph with historical data. Smart-Trak allows for remote monitoring and management from a mobile device.
  • Map-It Purity: Map-It Purity is a front-end service used to acquire an accurate assessment of nitrogen gas needs. A gas audit is performed to precisely measure nitrogen usage, flow-rate and purity. Map-It technology ensures the custom-engineered nitrogen generator meets the maximum nitrogen flow-rate and optimum purity an application requires.
  • Flow Verification Program: “The flow meter used in our Flow Verification Program accurately determines a customer’s nitrogen gas flow-rate requirements prior to purchasing a new nitrogen generator,” said Pope. “Our program ensures they receive an optimum nitrogen-generating system for their specific application.”
  • Performance Verification System (PVS): Designed, installed and certified by a third party, the PVS uses its Data Acquisition System (DAS) to monitor and log data such as the exact parameters of a nitrogen generator system during actual operation, in real time. Testing is performed in-house prior to shipping guaranteeing that the purchased generator meets or exceeds the specification requested. PVS provides the customer a documented, full load test of their system under their input and output specifications.

“From the beginning, our philosophy has been to exceed our customer’s expectations with a specialized product, and superior service and support throughout the life of the equipment,” concluded Pope. “We welcome the opportunity to manufacture a nitrogen generator to meet your needs.”

For more information about South-Tek Systems LLC, contact Greg Pope, Fabrication Market Manager, Electronics, Laser and Heat Treating, at 3700 U.S. Highway 421 North, Wilmington, NC 28401; 888.526.6284 ext. 138; E-mail:; Web site: