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Aven, a full-service technology provider, is pleased to announce plans to exhibit at MD&M West, scheduled to take place Feb. 6-8, 2024 at The Anaheim Convention Center in California. Aven’s team will showcase the company’s inspection solutions, including the Mighty Vue Inspector, Wide View UV Magnifier, and Accu-Cut Cutters in Booth #4611.

Aven’s Mighty Vue Inspector all-in-one magnifying lamp and camera inspection system seamlessly integrates multiple functionalities into a self-contained unit. Users can directly view images on an HDMI monitor, capture and store images on the included microSD Card, and connect to a PC for viewing or relocating saved images. With adjustable color temperature (3500K-6500K) and brightness control, the Mighty Vue Inspector provides unmatched clarity and versatility. Its ESD-safe design ensures safe and reliable operation in sensitive environments, making it an invaluable asset for precision inspection tasks.
Also on display, the Wide View UV Magnifier features an expansive 3.6 x 1.7-inch rectangular glass, offering a wide viewing area for enhanced precision. The 5-diopter lens provides up to 2.25x magnification, and an additional 1-inch diameter spot lens increases magnification to 4x. Operating at 365μm, the UV LEDs offer exceptional brightness to illuminate objects that fluoresce, revealing details beyond the capabilities of standard lights. This magnifier finds applications in industrial inspection, forensics, and dermatology, with its ESD-safe design ensuring precision without compromising sensitive components.

Finally, Aven’s Accu-Cut Cutters set a new standard for durability and performance. Made from high-quality materials, these diagonal pliers or wire cutters deliver clean and precise cuts in tight spaces. Accu-Cut Cutters are engineered to cut soft copper wire, cable, and other materials with precision. Thecustom-made cutters are programmed to stop when the blades become too dull, ensuring continued performance even after tens of thousands of cuts.

Visit Aven at Booth #4611 at MD&M West to experience these cutting-edge solutions firsthand.

Aven, Inc. manufactures and distributes a range of high-performance, optical instruments and precision tools for microscopy, inspection and assembly.  For more information, call (734) 973-0099 or email

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About Aven
Aven is a solutions provider for binocular & trinocular stereo zoom microscope systems; digital microscope systems, numerous led magnifier lights, and a wide variety of precision hand tools used for microassembly. Aven’s key customer markets are in the electronic assembly, military/ aerospace & defense, medical device manufacturing and more.