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A familyowned and operated electronics manufacturing company, Silicon Mountain is strategically located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. The company is comprised of a team of dedicated employees who are proud of their work and focused on providing clients from start-ups to fortune 500 companieswith the highest quality products possible.

Silicon Mountain is a true manufacturing partner. The company tailors its processes and uses the full capabilities of its manufacturing equipment to meet each customer’s specific needs. With more than 50 years of combined engineering and manufacturing experience, Silicon Mountain is uniquely positioned to work with customers on all stages of production, from product development and design to full scale production.

Its business model is even built with a clear understanding of the importance of time to market and supply chain availability.This makes the company a partner that is capable of both low and high-volume production, allowing customers to quickly go from product development to market.

We have the people, processes, technology, experience, flexibility, and equipment necessary to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations,” said Kris Townsend, GM/Owner. “We pride ourselves in saving themtime and money while maintaining the highest-level product standards possible. Our experienced and expert team can even offer design for manufacturing recommendations for products to improve effectiveness, lower cost, and increase profit.

Part of the company’s key to success is that it strives daily to support customers through superior service and high-quality product. Townsend added that as an electronics contract manufacturer, customer satisfaction is so important and, above all, its goal is to provide customers with the support they need so they can focus on their core business.

To accomplish this, the company focuses on four main capabilities:

● Surface mount technology (SMT): Its SMT machines includeaward-winning platforms from major manufacturers that provide the latest, innovative technology. They enable the company to print, place, and reflow components in varioussizes from <0201 to 44 mm. We support our customers with industry standard, stateoftheart equipment to enablecustomized manufacturing processes for each customer as well as highquality product output,” Townsend said. Additionally, its annual multi-million placement accuracy statistics for first pass yield continue to grow.

● Through-hole: Townsend said that its selective solder through-hole systems position customers for success. Silicon Mountain reduces the risks of thermal shock and excessive flux contamination inherent to traditional systems. Its through-hole systems handle fragile displays easily, allowing components to be placed onto PCBs, panels, or other assemblies without disturbing nearby SMT components. We offer our clients the speed and flexibility of our systems to help achieve repeatable success in their competitive markets,” he added.

● Mechanical assembly: Its mechanical assembly projects range from simple to complex. Each client requires something unique, and Silicon Mountain delivers. From affixing simple wire harnesses to threaded, heat staked, chemically bonded, or other process methods, the company can help. Finally, it ensures quality mechanical fit and function for customers’ projects.

● Higher level assembly (HLA): The company stays flexible at all times in order to adapt to customer needs. For example, its SMT, selective solder, and mechanical assembly capabilities can roll up to the end-user box build. The CM also offers the higher-level assembly options some customers need. This HLA is in-house and available under the same roof, saving both time and cost.

As an additional benefit, Silicon Mountain provides customers with the best service possible. It ensures that each customer receives the best quality and most costeffective components available. The company’s global purchasing power provides numerous options, which keeps customers ahead of the game. It also provides customers with a unique “Design for Manufacturing” report, which is generated to help customersunderstand how to better manufacture their products. Ultimately, Townsend said, the purpose of the report is to save time and money.Customers get the unique experience of having tailormade manufacturing processes for their products.

In addition to service, the company places great importance on quality. Silicon Mountain maintains ISO 9001:2015 certification because it is dedicated to providingcustomers with consistent products as well as continual improvement. The company is committed to keeping both its community and team safe from hazardous materials by being RoHS compliant, and it currently has a lead-free facility.

Each customer is unique. Because of that, Silicon Mountain maintains the flexibility, quality, and turnaround necessary to meet each customer’s unique needs. Overall, these characteristics help customer products get to the market as quickly as possible. We provide a wide range of services, whether it is prototyping for startups or highvolume manufacturing,” concluded Townsend. “Regardless of the service, we aim for high quality and quick turnaround. At the end of the day, we know that our customers need – and deserve – the best service for their individual needs.

For more information about Silicon Mountain Contract Services, contact the company at 208-461-7495; E-mail; Web site: