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South-Tek Systems is pleased to announce that it participated in the recent Kurt Whitlock Associates (KWA) Open Houseat KWA’s Demonstration Lab in St. Cloud, FL. South-Tek Systems’ N2GEN TS Nitrogen Generator was paired with the ITW EAE VitronicsSoltec Zeva M selective solder machine. ITW ran circuit boards using the South-Tek N2GEN PSA nitrogen generator and realized nitrogen purities up to 99.999 percent.

The N2GEN series of PSA nitrogen generators are custom designed and can be packaged with a dedicated air compressor, dryer and/or booster if needed for a complete turnkey solution. For larger flow rates or redundancy, duplexing options are available.

Since 1978, Kurt Whitlock Associates has searched the world for cuttingedge companies to represent and distribute to its valued electronics assembly customers and potential markets. Since 1998 KWAs Demonstration Lab has developed process solutions and equipment selections that have and can be duplicated throughout customers production facilities.

Kurt Whitlock Associates understands the tiers of assembly requirements of its customers. The company represents an array of companies that provide unmatched solutions to meet high volume, high mix, and mid to low volume requirements with the same level of service and technical support. For more information about Kurt Whitlock Associates, visit

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About South-Tek Systems

South-Tek Systems is a Pfingsten Partners company. Since 1997, South-Tek has designed, developed, and manufactured best-in-class Nitrogen generation technology. Based in the U.S.A., South-Tek has over 12,000 Nitrogen generator installations in privately held businesses and Fortune 500 companies.