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The Heartland SMTA Chapter has announced a follow-up to the successful STAR (Strategic Technology Advancement Research) event held in April. This new event, dubbed STAR-light, will take place virtually on Monday, July 8, and will feature presenters the Heartland Chapter felt deserved their own dedicated mini event. All SMTA chapters are encouraged to attend. The event is open to SMTA members at a cost of $30 and to non-members for $40.

The electronic manufacturing industry is both challenging and exciting, necessitating guidance and encouragement for new engineers and technicians. At the STAR-light virtual event, Bill Capen, Sr. Engineering Technical Specialist at the Kansas City National Security Campus managed by Honeywell, will delve into the complexities of electronic manufacturing. With extensive experience in the field, Capen is dedicated to guiding and mentoring the next generation of engineers and technicians in the electronic manufacturing industry.

Capen’s presentation aims to provide the foundational knowledge needed to empower and inspire growth within the industry. During the STAR-light event, Capen will cover two main topics: SMT (Surface Mount Technology) processing and selective solder processing.

In the SMT processing section, Capen will discuss the myriad of potential defect areas, highlighting that successful electronic manufacturing involves much more than simply applying solder material, placing components on PCBs, and reflowing assemblies. He will provide insights into the critical factors and processes that ensure high-quality SMT production.

The selective solder processing section will address the numerous issues that can arise if the process is not controlled properly. Capen also will cover potential problems related to solder pots that do not meet industry standards for metal loading, providing essential knowledge for maintaining high standards in selective soldering.

This presentation, aimed at entry-level engineers, technicians, and current manufacturing team members, is designed to become a long-term professional development course. It offers a valuable opportunity for participants to gain a deeper understanding of electronic manufacturing processes and the importance of quality control in SMT and selective soldering.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of the industry’s experts. Register now for the STAR-light virtual event on July 8th and take a significant step towards enhancing your knowledge and skills in electronic manufacturing.

Get ready for the highly anticipated part two of the SMTA High Reliability: STAR Forum, now happening virtually! Following the incredible success of our May event, we’re excited to bring you another round of insightful discussions and expert insights into High Reliability manufacturing. Join us on July 8th for an in-depth exploration of cutting-edge practices in design, manufacturing, testing, and assembly for extreme environments. Discover how High Reliability technology is shaping the future of customer projects and pushing manufacturing boundaries. Don’t miss out on this essential virtual gathering!