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For more than 60 years, TAGARNO has strived to create cutting-edge solutions that allow customers to see smarter. With a mission of maximizingefficiency, enhancing communications, increasingcollaboration, and improving customers’ work environments, the company’s digital microscopes make the invisible visible while creating intelligent connections between technology and humans.

Powered by passion, experience, and know-how, and using Danish design and advanced technology, TAGARNO constantly works hard so its customers can see smarter. By continuously preparing new and better apps and accessories, as well as firmware and software updates, the company is proud to make TAGARNO microscopes more intelligent and more useful.

TAGARNO is a leading global player with a strong reputation for delivering intelligent, intuitive, and agile tools for demanding specialists in fields such as metal, plastic, medical devices, agriculture, food and electronics. “Our solutions fit perfectly into our clients’ workflow, are always easy to use, and increase efficiency,” said Søren Schultz, CEO. That’s why our partners respect and prioritize us.”

Innovation and quality are at the forefront of each product TAGARNO produces and have been since the company was founded in 1953. Since that time, the company’s focus has changed; however, its vision and values have not. TAGARNO is proud of its Scandinavian roots, and this can be seen in the way the company operates. It is synonymous with quality, transparency, curiosity, and responsibility. Schultz added that the company has a long-standing tradition of building intelligent products that enable people to see smarter, and it strives to create even better connections between technology and humans.

TAGARNO was founded 70 years ago by Tage Arno, a cinema projector producer. He started thinking out of the box and developed an innovative analysis projector of X-ray film on a user-friendly, built-in screen. This uniquely Scandinavian combination of technological ingenuity and human design evolved into a new company called TAGARNO A/S. Throughout its seven-decade history, the company has always focused on seeing smarter, and has accomplished this in several ways, including producing the world’s first high-definition reading aid.

When it eventually launched a line of high-definition digital camera microscopes, it was a big step into a new, exciting line of business – one that perfectly fit with TAGARNO’s history and DNA. Today, the company still operates out of its headquarters in Denmark, but now covers more than 50 geographical markets around the world, including the United States .

Schultz said, “Since the beginning, our focus has been to create intelligent connections between technology and our customers. We’ve done this by optimizing workflows and allowing great minds to focus on the big picture.

Focusing on the big picture has resulted in the production of tools for quality control. The TAGARNO microscopes heighten quality analysis, providing an objective, intelligent, individualized tool that calculates, visualizes, and standardizes quality control. These intuitive microscopes can take product quality to unimagined levels, resulting in improved communication, collaboration,and work environments.

TAGARNO’s line of digital microscopes providesnumerous benefits, a significant one being that the set up can be done in minutes and used right away. The microscopes can be customized with advanced software apps, accessories, and smart presets to meet individualized needs and improve processes. This also allows the ability to open new possibilities and tasks that previous microscopes could not accommodate. Additionally, the microscopes speed up analysis, maximizing efficiency and quality analysis, which results in faster routines. A final, but important, benefit is that the ergonomics of the microscopes allow users to work better and stay healthier due to optimal working postures.

There are six digital microscopes available to meet the needs of a range of industries:

PRESTIGE: a smart microscope that is intuitive, agile, and customizable. With more than 600X magnification and high-resolution 1080-pixel image quality, the PRESTIGE produces crystal-clear magnified images that are ideal as documentation material. Images can be shared quickly with colleagues and partners. Additionally, high-quality materials and surface treatments ensure a long product life with no maintenance required.

TREND: This software-accessible microscope offers a camera for deeper quality insights. With advanced yet easily used technology, this high-definition video microscope provides more than 250X magnification and takes quality control to the next level.

FRONT: Using TAGARNO’s state-of-the-art software and quality, the FRONT is a smart, user-friendly digital microscope with an extensive range of intelligent and intuitive software applications. It features an open API, 1080-pixelimage quality, HDMI and more than 600X magnification, making it a stable, high-performing microscope. It is made of high-quality materials that produce crystal-clear images that can be shared and saved as crucial documentation material.

MOVE: This fully flexible and standalone digital microscope has a built-in computer and intuitive integrated software applications. The MOVE can be customized with powerful, specialized apps that can optimize the inspection process. Additionally, the apps allow users to measure samples directly on-screen, create focus stacked photos, build an image library directly on the microscope, and more.

ZAP: A flexible microscope, the ZAP can be set up to meet individual needs. As needs change, so can the set up. Additionally, the microscope produces clear magnified images that can be shared and saved.

ZIP: Ideal for simple magnification tasks, the ZIP is user-friendly and light weight. The microscope can easily be moved from one station to another if needed with minimal downtime. The ZIP produces extremely sharp images at all magnification levels. No maintenance is needed, and images can be saved.

The company provides a comprehensive repertoire of software for the digital microscopes. These include the following apps: Color analyzer, DFX overlay, Focus stacking, Image comparison, Particle analyzer, PNG reference, Ruler, Trichinoscope, Speck counter, Verification lines, and Watermark, as well as Measurement software. Several accessories also are available, including software, control boxes, lenses, lighting, mounting, monitors, and tables.

TAGARNO’s digital microscopes are designed to work across a range of industries, including electronics, medical devices, agriculture, foods, metals, plastics, and even forensics.

In the electronics industry, the microscopes provide easy visual inspection and quality control of PCBs while meeting IPC standards with a digital microscope. Regardless of the action, from entry/exit control and repair and rework to simply training new employees, with a TAGARNO digital microscope for electronics, every detail of the PCB will be seen. The intelligent, versatile TAGARNO digital microscopes – also known as computer microscopes and digital camera microscopes are a healthier, more efficient alternative to desk magnifiers and optical microscopes.

“Our mission is to make the invisible visible and to see smarter, and our passion is to create intelligent connections between technology and our customers,” Schultz concluded. “Over the past 70 years we have focused on creating cutting-edge solutions. Our line of digital microscopes were designed using out-of-the-box thinking to deliver the quality and customizable intelligence our customers need over a range of industries.”

For more information about TAGARNO, visit or contact Søren Schultz, CEO, Finlandsvej 2, 8700 Horsens, Denmark; +45 76 25 11 11; E-mail: For more information in the United States, contact Jake Kurth, Country Manager, USA; 678-978-3718;