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TAGARNO is proud to announce the successful introduction of the TAGARNO T50 with a cutting-edge 4K/60FPS block camera from SONY at productronica 2023. The T50 represents a significant leap forward in digital microscopy, leveraging the state-of-the-art 4K SONY FCB-ER9500 model, a result of TAGARNO’s collaboration with SONY.
While 4K resolution digital microscopes exist in the market, they often operate at 30 frames per second, introducing a noticeable lag between the microscope view and the displayed image on the monitor. Recognizing the impact on user experience and efficiency, TAGARNO waited until technology caught up with their vision.
The new TAGARNO T50, equipped with a 4K/60FPS block camera, eliminates the lag, providing users with a seamless and lag-free viewing experience. This real-time visualization enhances productivity for professionals engaged in microscopic inspection, offering a level of clarity and precision unmatched in the industry.

Anders Ravnskjær Pedersen, CEO of TAGARNO, expressed his enthusiasm for the new microscope, stating, “The reception of the new TAGARNO T50 has been phenomenal. We had a significant number of visitors at our booth during productronica 2023, and they were genuinely excited about the groundbreaking features, including the new camera, magnetic ringlight, motorized height adjustment, menu customization, and user profile options.”

To witness the T50 in action, watch the official video: TAGARNO T50 Video.

An insightful interview with TAGARNO about the T50 at productronica 2023 can be found here: TAGARNO T50 Interview.

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TAGARNOs digital microscopes are used for visual inspection and quality control in a wide range of industries. In combination with high-definition cameras that magnify objects in excellent image quality, user-friendly software applications pave the way for accurate and objective analysis, which can be easilycaptured and shared with colleagues and supply chain partners.