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SVTronics is a leading Manufacturing services company, is pleased to announce that it has purchased and completed the install of a Typhoon T-8 Chemistry Zero-Discharge Cleaner and T-15 Typhoon (WATER-SOLUBLE) from Aqua Klean at its manufacturing facility in Plano, TX. The sale was facilitated by the Texas-based manufacturers representativeSouthwest Systems Technology. SVTronics has five fully automated highspeed SMT production lines and a separate SMT line for prototype production.

The new Typhoon T-8 and T-15 were installed at SVTronics state-of-the-art facility that is equipped with best-in-class machinery from leading equipment vendors. Additionally, SVTronics offers a professional engineering team to deliver all your production needs from prototype through production. With a qualified production process, innovative technology and highly skilled personnel, SVTronics ensures complete customer satisfaction by delivering best quality products, on time, at the lowest cost.

Chris Dickey, VP Sales & Marketing at SVtronics,commented, “Aqua Klean’s Typhoon wash systems have surpassed our high expectations, which is to meet or exceed the aerospace industry requirements.

The T-8 integrates a 15 horsepower wash pump with a combination of flooding and high-pressure wash for optimum impingement cleaning of PCBs. The dynamic air blow-off design allows for a water free zero-discharge chemical isolation. The T-8 also features an industrial touch screen interface for simple process control and the industry’s safest drop-in immersion heater.

The T-15 is Aqua Kleans flagship prototype that has driven the Typhoon Inline Cleaning Product line to enable customers to clean efficiently and effectively. It offers a powerhouse of performance and cleanliness.

SVTronics specializes in custom electronic products for applications including embedded, industrial, medical, military, automotive, etc. The SVTronics team can handle all aspects of your electronic manufacturing needs from start to finish. For more information about SVTronics, visit

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SVTronics is a leading manufacturing company which specializes full turnkey electronics manufacturing services. We serve a variety of market segment and offers tailored solutions to each customer based on their requirements. We can assist you in complete electronics product development lifecycle from conceptual drawing thru production and aftermarket services. For more information, visit