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TAGARNO, a leading provider of digital microscopes, is pleased to offer cutting-edge lighting accessories. These accessories provide users with enhanced capabilities to make the most of their digital microscopes, enabling precise and efficient inspections across various applications.

One of the standout features of TAGARNO’s lighting accessories is the utilization of UV light. With UV light, users gain the ability to perform detailed inspections of conformal coatings. Conformal coatings, often used to protect electronic components from environmental factors, require thorough examination to ensure their effectiveness. TAGARNO’s UV light facilitates this inspection process, allowing users to identify imperfections or irregularities in the coating with exceptional clarity and precision.

When combined with a TAGARNO UV ring light, a digital microscope becomes an exceptionally efficient tool for conformal coating inspection. This comprehensive setup ensures that the coating inspection process is not only precise but also streamlined, allowing users to identify potential issues quickly and with confidence.

In addition to UV light, TAGARNO’s lighting accessory lineup includes polarizers, an invaluable tool for microscopy enthusiasts and professionals alike. The polarizer enablesusers to control glare effectively, a common challenge when working with wet or reflective samples. To achieve optimal glare reduction, both polarizer components are required to work together. This two-component system empowers users to view samples with unprecedented clarity, making it an indispensable asset for critical inspections and examinations.

“At TAGARNO, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most advanced and versatile digital microscopy solutions,” said Jake Kurth, Country Manager, Americas at TAGARNO. “Our innovative lighting accessories, including UV lights and polarizers, open up new possibilities for microscopists, enabling them to achieve remarkable clarity and precision in their inspections. Whether it’s conformal coating inspection or glare reduction, our accessories empower users to take their microscopy work to the next level.”

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TAGARNOs digital microscopes are used for visual inspection and quality control in a wide range of industries. In combination with high-definition cameras that magnify objects in excellent image quality, user-friendly software applications pave the way for accurate and objective analysis, which can be easilycaptured and shared with colleagues and supply chain partners.